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Catalyzing Change Through Conscious Choices for Powerful Living

True Wealth


Want to know how rich you are, find out how many things you have that money can’t buy.”

Two people very dear to me passed away in the last few months: Lewis Merrick and Joan King. I considered them not only dear friends but spiritual guides and leaders as well. Having them in my life has made me rich because of their love, compassion and wisdom.

Lewis, a black man, who lived until just before his 73rd birthday, knew how to love and create connections. He lived through adversities of all kinds – long-term physical abuse by his grandmother and everything that comes with being a black man in the United States of America. Instead of bitterness and anger, he walked through life with a deep compassion Read more

Let Go of the Struggle

37-Let Go iof the Struggle
I had an epiphany in my yoga class this morning that seems like a great metaphor for life. It’s about being able to better move through life and achieve your goals if, instead of struggling, you simply let go and allow your energy to flow so you can move more easily and be more satisfied with the result.

The epiphany came when my teacher this morning gave specific directions for how to get into the Wheel Pose. The Wheel Pose Read more

Take a Moment of Reflection: What Matters


In the end only three things matter:
How much you loved,
How gently you loved,
How gently you lived,
And how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

- Buddhist saying

The New Year is a time for reflection and new beginnings. As you start the New Year, how much will you love, how gently will you love and live and how gracefully will you let go of what is not meant for you?

Take A Moment of Reflection: Space Between the Logs

What makes a fire burn
is space between the logs,
a breathing space.
too much of a good thing, Read more

Take A Moment of Reflection: Facing Fear-Moving Into the Waves

34-Breaking WavesRecently, I was visiting a close friend of mine in Jacksonville, Florida who lives mere blocks from the beach. I decided to get up early in the morning to go for a bracing swim. Typically, when I go to a beach with waves, I love to get out beyond the breakers where the water is relatively calm, and simply allow the waves to pick me up and put me down as they move by on their way to break closer to the shore. Here, however, there seemed to be more than one set of Read more

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